About John Amy

Colour pencils

Previously under the name Promo Design, this page started out in the plural tense, with lots of ‘corporate speak’. After looking it over, I decided that it just had to change. Since Promo Design was in fact ‘me’ John Amy. The ‘us’ had to go and ‘corporate speak’ too. I really do believe that business jargon clouds the message.
The fact remained that there are several other Promo Designs, so decided to come clean and update to John Amy Design.


I started my career with four ‘A’ Levels. Then went on to a degree in Graphic Design and a Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Typographical Design. After 25 years working for London advertising agencies and design studios I began working for myself in 1995.

Why work with John Amy

As a small graphic and website design business in South London, I offer my clients a cost-effective, professional creative service, with all the trimmings of a large design agency, but with substantially fewer overheads. Take a look through a small selection of graphic design projects – with solutions that have delivered tangible results.

When you work with me you benefit from a dedicated working relationship and I personally see your project through to completion, on time and on budget. And I’ll still be there to advise you long after the invoice is paid.

No Bullshit

Attention to detail and my understanding of traditional skills and techniques are the key factors which make my work stand out from the competition. I am straightforward, if I don’t like something I will say so. If I don’t think I can solve your problem I will let you know and I won’t try to sell you something you don’t really need.

Good design and distinctive branding that truly reflects the culture of your company or product is one of the most important factors in the success of a business. Find out more about how design can benefit your business, and get in touch when you decide that ‘we’ can make a difference to your project.