It’s not just about getting traffic to your website…'s getting them to stay there, buy your product or service and hopefully return for more. You can spend a fortune getting high Google ranking with various SEO techniques, but visitors only spend a few seconds deciding whether they want to view your website. How do you get them to do what you want? This is where good design comes in. 20 things to think about. 1. Is the heading too … [Read more...]

Do you like your brand identity?

I recently read an article in Creative Review magazine about why we actually like things. Whether it be music, art, a film. a website or a piece of graphic design. We can in fact blame it on a list of factors: Influence from our parents and peers, our level of education, our environment, what is cool etc. Maybe it has genetic roots. Maybe it could be nothing more than a mathematical equation. … [Read more...]

How good branding and design can benefit your business.

You can't AFFORD to be like everyone else. Your customers need a good reason to buy from you and not from your competitors. Your business and brand needs to be DIFFERENT so that your product or service stands out from the competition. People want well-designed products and services because they look good and customers are prepared to pay more for superior design. If your product or … [Read more...]