8 Steps to a successful website. A new design or a redesign.

Do I need a website? Are you thinking of having a website? Maybe you have one and are uncertain as to whether it's working for you or not. There are all sorts of reasons people have websites. Here are some reasons you might have one. If you do have one or are planning to have one make sure it fulfils its purpose. Most sites use a combination of these objectives. To disseminate … [Read more...]

Websites. The user comes first.

Deciding on the structure of a new website can prove a daunting process. Many businesses first look at their business hierarchy, processes and goals and decide to plan their website along the same lines.¬†Alternatively they see their website as a mass of keywords to hit high Google rankings. But who is more important? The end user is. They probably don't give a fig about your business and how … [Read more...]