Book & Ebook Design

Why do you need professional book or ebook design?  You want it to stand out from the DIY crowd. You want the book to sell. You need a designer who knows the ins and outs of self publishing which I’ve acquired over the past few years. You’ve got better things to do than fiddle with fonts.
      Get in touch and send me a copy of your manuscript, whether fiction or non-fiction, and I’ll give you a costing. The best way is to have your print book and ebook at the same time. Not only is this more cost effective, it increases your credibility as an author.

     Below are a small selection of my book cover designs. To find out more about self publishing and to see more examples of my cover designs visit my other website at

Winter Swallows, Babs Horton.

White Lines, Marnie King.
Ready to Serve, Simon M Gray.

My Urchin Express, Roger Shrubb.

Darkness Within, Steph Churchill.
Not Quite a Gentleman, Lizzie Church.

2084, Coady Chambers.

Deception, Douglas Phillips.
A Day at the Zoo, Valentina Ross.

Black Sun Red Moon, Rory Marron

37 Ways to Improve Your Cat’s Life, Maris Munkevics.
The Absolute Essence of Inheritance Tax Planning, Steve Parnham.