Graphic design

What is Graphic design?

Graphic design in London and worldwide covers a multitude of applications including stationery, signage, brochures, websites, TV graphics, advertising, packaging, books and logos. In fact if you look around you, you will probably see examples everywhere. Anywhere where information is being communicated.

My role as a professional graphic designer is to make that communication as effective as possible. With over 30 years experience, I have picked up a lot of tips on the way as well as technical know-how. I will work with you to achieve something that works for you AND your potential market. This is achieved by careful analysis and research of your competitor’s designs and then formulating ideas to match the criteria.

Graphic design by a professional can benefit your business in several ways. See here.

Many successful businesses are Design-led

‘Every £100 a design-led business invests in design repays £225 in increased sales.’
 from the Design Council
We’re not talking employing someone for a day or two to create a logo or leaflet, we’re talking about using the creative skills of a designer to influence business planning. This effectively results in your business being more innovative, competitive and profitable.

On Top cover design

Ebook cover design for On Top Marketing.

Branding poster for Lynne Frank’s Seed Community.

Exhibition panels designed for promoting The Gambia, West Africa.

Brochures designed for WH Smith wedding services.

Angel charity flyer design.

Ebook recipe design for the Raw Chef.