It’s not just about getting traffic to your website…

…it’s getting them to stay there, buy your product or service and hopefully return for more.

You can spend a fortune getting high Google ranking with various SEO techniques, but visitors only spend a few seconds deciding whether they want to view your website. How do you get them to do what you want?

This is where good design comes in.
20 things to think about.

1. Is the heading too small… or too big?
2. Is it obvious what your product or service does?
3. Does it appeal visually to your target market?
4. Does it reinforce your brand?
5. Do you have compelling benefits over your competitors?
6. Is the website easy to navigate?
7. Is there anything that will confuse the reader?
8. Is the contact/buying procedure overly confusing or complex?
9. Is the site engaging or similar to everyone else’s?
10. Is the content believable and easily digestible by your target reader?
11. Is your copy keyword rich but succinct?
12. Do graphics enhance or distract the primary message?
13. Are you trying to get your visitor to do too many things?
14. Are your key benefits obvious?
15. Does the site reflect honesty and trustworthiness?
16. Are there contact details that are directed at a human being who answers speedily and is up to speed on the product/service?
17. Does your website offer any guarantee if there’s a problem?
18. Does your website show any testimonials by important people in the field?
19. Is your website loaded with links that take the visitor AWAY from your site? Facebook pages and poor quality YouTube videos are very common.
20. Is the website up-to-date?

Just a few things to think about to increase your conversion rates.