Good branding and how design boosts your business

You cannot afford to be like everyone else. Your customers need a reason for buying from you and not from your competitors. Your brand needs to be a valuable source of differentiation so that your product or service stands out from the competition.

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The design process

The design process comprises five distinct stages although it may vary for particular projects or design disciplines. This information may be useful when working with a designer to understand the processes involved. Before the project is started however, a vital question has to be asked: ‘Why do you need a new identity, brochure or website etc.?’ This question is the key to undertaking a successful project.

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Brands, corporate identity and logo design

I’ve written this aimed at small and medium-sized businesses that want to get to grips with the concepts of branding and corporate identity without the jargon and to offer some examples.

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Eight steps to a successful website

Are you thinking of having a website? Maybe you have one and are uncertain as to whether it’s working for you or not. There are all sorts of reasons people have websites. Here are some reasons you might have one. If you do have one or are planning to have one make sure it fulfils its purpose.

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