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Happy clients have their say…

“Working with John has been a pleasure. I really appreciate his honest feedback and creative input. It’s so nice to work with a graphic designer who takes such pride in his work and gets everything I ask for turned around so quickly. My customers have loved the modern, clean design of the ebooks which has added to their perceived value and enabled me to put a product on sale that I’m really proud of. Thanks, John.”

Russell James | The Raw Chef

“John Amy has been working with me for over a year now, designing brand identities for my different businesses, as well as turning my websites into functional, attractive, popular destinations. I have worked with some of the country’s top designers during my career and believe that John’s talent is as versatile, creative and professional as any I have ever come across, here or overseas.”

Lynne Franks, OBE | PR Guru

“I like working with John because he has a deep understanding of beauty in graphic design, and a classical knowledge of the psychology of typography. What it boils down to is this…. I just love the feeling of getting blown away when I open an email with his designs attached. Striking stuff every time!”

Julian Mann | Reliance Mediaworks

“We employed John to bring our ideas to life and there is no doubt about it, that’s exactly what we got with our logo. John then designed and developed our website, helping us to illustrate and communicate difficult ideas easily. We are really delighted with the work and thoroughly enjoyed the creative experience. Thanks John.”

David Ferdinando | Doddle

“I’m far from the most explicit or ‘able to provide a brief’ type of client I need someone to work with me, to bounce ideas off. John was immeasurable in his willingness to help. He went beyond the call of duty to deliver a project I was late in asking for and gave me some fantastic advice. He even corrected my typos – what a service! Thanks John!

Jackie Walker | The Divorce Coach

“John has done a wonderful job redesigning the Bowler Hat website. What is powerfully impressive is the extra support and advice he gives thanks to his understanding of the workings of the web. Great, also, to work with a designer who takes such care to learn what the client is really trying to achieve.”

Julie Lefebve | Bowler Hat Media

“John remains my first call when it comes to graphic design and final copy. In my work as a sales, marketing and promotional consultant, invariably there has been a need to back words and ideas with hard, visual and factual image and John’s input has been as important at the contract ‘getting’ stage as it was in ensuring success from any such campaign itself. John has a unique ability to bring words to life and make images speak. During our working relationship we have undertaken web and print projects for Government and NGOs, International players in shipping, travel & tourism as well as corporate identity and branding.”

Greg Scutt, MD | EnglischGerman Ltd

“Having had John rebuild our website from the bottom up a couple of years ago, we were confident when we asked him to design the covers for the new editions of our suite of market-leading school textbooks that he would do a good job. What we got was a striking, eye-catching set of covers that perfectly conveyed our key messages – accessible, user-friendly books that carried the reassurance of continuity with a trusted product, combined with up-to-the-minute, relevant content. John is always quick to see what is needed – even when we ourselves don’t – and brings us top-quality design every time.”

Paul Craig | Napier Press

“Handing over my website to John was a decision I’m so glad to have made. He really took time to get to know about me and my business and has been spot on with a new brand, logo and website design. Clients have noticed my new leaflets and business cards – having hardly ever commented on my old ones. My website is more colourful and personal than before, it is also much quicker to load now. John has both a design eye and technical know-how. He has also helped me with finding copywriters and printers, and all for a very reasonable price. I would strongly recommend his work to others.”

Tanya Shoop |